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Gautam lied on the bed all spent, spread his left arm out and laid his wife on his chest and wrapped his hand around her. They always slept like this ...fter an intense orgasm. Both of them slowly drifted into a peaceful sleep.The Chatterjees were asleep peacefully but there were others for whom sleep was miles away. Reddy was still mercilessly massaging Sowmya’s boobs. She had pulled her top and bra up and her breasts shone like large pearls in the faint light. Reddy now started nibbling at her. She did half his head then had him do the other half. With his hairrolled, she placed a pink hairnet over them and tied it at the back."Ned, you want your hair to look nice don't you? To make it look niceyou will have to do this every night before you go to bed then brush itout in the morning. Understand? Good, let's see if we can get some workdone today, shall we?" she said as he stared blankly into the mirror.Over the next couple of months nothing much changed in the Baxterhousehold. . Oh and don’t let him near that old stretched cunt of yours, he’ll know you’ve been playing if he sees how we stretched your old cunt! “ the older guy slapped her fat arse as she passed him, the young man pulled her to him as if to kiss her, she moved her cum filled cheek to him and he spat directly on her, “ You fuck off home you sad, old bitch,” in tears the woman slid the bolt and left, the two men high fived each other and followed her out, laughing and joking.Kirk’s cock was rock hard by. Once our fucking session is ended, we had a deep kiss and while doing that, her big melons crushed on my chest. Now both were bit subsided Bhavika started caressing my hair with her left hand and kissing on my face. She told me that Atul, yes, I want such venom while enjoying sex but unfortunately, my poor husband can’t give me even 10% of it. Till we mate, she was unknown to the world of enjoying the sex and get satisfied but now once she had a taste of it, she is not going to leave it like.

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