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How good it would feel to have him touching me again.Pete was my best friend. Just good friends to everyone else. But to each other we were a true pair. I could tell him anything, except my feelings. I couldn't handle being rejected by him. I needed him. He gave me feelings deep inside my soul. I loved everything about him. His blond hair and his thin, toned body. And his eyes, I could get lost in that never-ending sea of blue. How I love starring into his eyes.I glanced at my watch,. How are things where you are located?" WX4XA, K4SAA. Charlie, there are lots of dead people here. We are not far from Atlanta and there is almost no one alive there. I am with family here, Charlie. Is there someone with you?" No, Shirley, I am alone. I think there are a few people in Columbia but not many. Would your family welcome another person? I really want to be with people." Charlie, I will have to ask but you will probably be welcome. How is the power over there and food? Do you have a. " Yoda replied also looking around.Sudden movement to the left on one of the other platforms caused Windu to focus on it, when he did his danger sense went off."Down!" Windu said diving for the ground.Yoda and a few others who had heard him followed suit. Those that didn't were quickly cut down in massive continuous crossfire. Republic troops fell suffering multiple hits from precise blaster fire.Through the milling confusion Windu saw new troops wearing Heavy Mandolorian combat armor moving. That was the true legacy of communism, the most fucked up ideology ever. The police were hopeless, especially in St Petersburg and we could actually have ordered the security directly from the mob, it wouldn't make a difference, but we had to follow the official protocol.The security on the site was done with half a dozen cops on shift, three at the time from the guard booth by the entrance. Most of them were actually females, probably because the men were lazy and they drank too much. The.

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