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It makes one wonder,” Alex said slowly, measuring every word.“Wonder what?”Alex shrugged.“It doesn’t matter. I’m not giving up on Aron.”...��Too bad. Because he has given up on you already,” Carter said.For a brief second, Alex’s green eyes shadowed.“Well, there’s no marriage without rough patches. We’ll work through this one. I’m sure.”Alex made a move to go for his car, but Carter caught his arm.“What’s this story about me pushing you in front of the fire truck? You know it’s not true,” he hissed. " He told her this and added that it better be an animal at this time of the morning."I would rather not kill any humans right now. Oh, but don't worry if you hear a shot either. I might have to kill whatever it is, just for you." He smiled. As he walked to the door, he suddenly stopped and said, "Shit. I better get dressed," and laughed and smiled at her again.While he was outside, Elena decided to keep herself busy so as not to worry so much. She took his glass to the kitchen and straightened. Matt’s eyes opened as he felt a sudden build up of energy in his body. He looked over the clock and saw that it was only 2:00am. Suddenly a fine mist began to leave his mouth, feared gripped him as he watched it collect at the foot of his bed. Fear turned to awe as the mist began to materialize in to the form of a woman. Not any ordinary woman but the body of what he knew was the Goddess Pietho. He took in her beauty as she stood naked before him. Starting with her wavy brunette hair that. He explained that he felt more relaxed as "Gloria," and couldconcentrate better on his work. On these occasions Gloria wasn't thedynamite looker I had seen previously; simply a pretty girl in jeans anda blouse, wearing flattie shoes and minimal make-up and jewellery. Ibecame used to working with whichever of the two personas pitched up onany particular evening. I think Gavin really appreciated the fact I wasgenuinely unconcerned about how he chose to present himself.At weekends the full-blown.

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