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"OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" she then exclaimed as her orgasmed intensified.Jen gripped her friends body as it shook over me, Jill's eyes were closed and lo...t in her moment and all I could do was lay there and watch eagerly as this hot little nerd came.Then a few seconds later Jill took a deep breath, stopped jerking and relaxed, and practically fell into Jen's arms."Was that good for you babe?" Jen asked looking down at Jill."Oh yeah! oh god yeah!" grinned Jill lying sweaty and slumped on her new. The older woman was gently rubbing her back, and Becky could feel the softness of Kate's breast against her hard shoulder. This felt right and good. She turned her head and looked into Kate's eyes. They were soft and warm and a small smile played across Kate's face. Becky raised her head and slowly brought her mouth towards Kate's. When Becky started crying, Kate did not know what to do except hug the younger woman. Kate, never one comfortable with emotional scenes, was just glad that words. Her bottom consisted of some very short shorts. The fabric was the exact same as the top but instead it fit nice and snug, and as i got a better look, i could tell she was not wearing any panties, and although i had a panty fetish i didn't mind because her thick BBW thighs wrapped her shorts into her body so well as to almost give me a boner instantly. My girl never had noticed me checking out her mother because she always seemed to be on her phone playing around, and so as the night went on i. She walked to me, stood between my legs, rubbed her hand on my crotch and said, “We said we were going to be smart. Don’t ever give me that look again while they’re here." I smiled as she continued to rub my crotch and said, “Sorry.” She said, “It’s okay. I just want it so bad right now. I wish there was a way.” I said, “Me, too.” She stopped rubbing me and said, “It’s just too distracting. It’s all I can think about. I need to get these dishes clean.” I said, sadly, “I know.” I watched.

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