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Next day, he reported at his Office at 9.30 AM sharp in the morning. His Office was in a very busy, commercial place in Surat. The Office was in Thir... floor near the main Road. The Branch staff consisted of 3 numbers of Male Assistants, one lady officer to assist him whose name was Kavita aged 22 years, a fresh young girl, newly recruited by Company, one Armed Guard, and one Lady Sweeper aged 40 years named Savita. All the staffs of greeted him. Although the Office was a small one but. "DAD="goodnight son"As dad left my room I laid awake thinking about something i never thought i would. Who else in my family would or even wants to fuck me?The next morning i was horny due to everything that was done and said the day before. I felt like being a tease so i got up and headed to my sister's room. She was away at college so the room was pretty clean. I walked over to her dresser and opened the bottom container. I got dressed and headed downstairs. I got to the bottom of the steps. I'm cramping his style and it's not fair on him...I might as well try and help him out. (Well, that was my 14-yr-old rationale) So I carried on and began to vary my attack. I might be doing my homework at the dining room table in my white football pants and nothing else. I turned the dining room chair around backwards so my tight ass was hanging off the end of the chair and my dad could see the outline of my jock underneath, perfectly framing my cheeks. Sometimes I'd be on my stomach on the. This story is about my best encounter with my uncle.It happened just before my engagement when i was 24. At that age my figure was 32-28-32. I was like sex starving at that time because i haven’t taste any cock in last 4 months.It was my cousin brother marriage.As we have to take Barat from Bangalore to Hyderabad. I was the second eldest in family after my cousin, he is the only boy in family. My father and i have a lots of responsibility as he lost his parents in a car accident. So my father.

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