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She made wiggling motions with her upper body, and her hands stroked my sides."Good boy," she murmured. "I like it when you're jealous." I don't want ...o be jealous," I said. "And that's the problem. You're a normal girl, and normal girls are attracted to boys their own age. I know you're going to end up with a boyfriend, and that's fine. It's what should happen. But I can't help but be unhappy at the thought that some other guy is going to be with you like this."She sat up. My eyes had adjusted. The look on your face is one I don’t like, I don’t think I like you anymore, but I’m enjoying your cock in my pussy, that much is clear from the juices that glisten on you and the moans of pleasure which I cannot hush. You’re much taller than my mere five feet and you hold my wrists to the door above my head, your large hands almost cover mine, my legs are weakening and actually if you weren’t thrusting into me with all your weight and stretching my arms up high I would have fallen to my knees. .." was her only response.I could see that she was struggling with that decision. I knew that shewanted to support me, but I was still technically male."It's alright," I said. "I'll wait here. I may be legally female, but weboth know I won't be complete for a few days. Waiting is not going tohurt my feelings."She looked relieved. "Okay," she said as she grabbed her towel and headedfor the showers. I took off all of my clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist. Thenwith a sly smile, I realized. I wanted to indulge in being selfish. I am constantly in competition with your job, for time. About the time your life becomes quiet, mine starts getting hectic.” He replied. He kissed her neck as his hands rubbed her torso. “It sure is beautiful” she admitted. “I will give you that. You did your homework. A part of me thinks you read my mind. You knew what I liked without ever really asking. It is quite eery to have someone me better than I know myself. It is so relaxing. I normally don’t like.

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