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She was appointed in my absence which I came to know later.She was cute looking gal aged around 26 relatively new to getting into professional working.../ office culture but had a very naughty eyes means her eyes could wonder whole of the world sitting at one place and that made her most attractive. She saw me when I entered my cabin and wished me after welcome she went back to her place and was noticing her talking to her colleague after few hours. I called in the colleague of hers and was. "Do you know what time it is, slave?" She asked looking very crossed. I turned my head to look at the clock on the bedside table, but my line of sight was blocked by her delictable thigh. "No Mistress." I replied turning my head to look back up at my captor."It's now 8:47am," she answered, glancing at the clock then back down on me,"I ordered you to precisely wake me up at 8:30am with a good long licking out, but you are 17minutes late! That is unacceptable!" Oh no! Sorry Mistress!" I uttered. He wanted me as his cum slut to catch his load on my face and upper body. I knew that he wanted me to be his cum bucket catching his spunk on my face and tits. As I began sucking his cock he unleashed a torrent of abuse at me calling me a blonde whore, cock loving slut, a prick teasing bitch.It did not take him long before his 5 inch cock was spurting its creamy white load all over my face and tits. He simply tucked his prick back in his trousers zipped up and left me still topless and covered. It was a lot more fun to sit in the Student Union and play cards. I lost my scholarship because my grade point average was only 2.28 at the end of the year.“During the summer after my first year of college I became upset, or perhaps, more upset, with my father. He was always finding fault with me and trying to make me work. Looking back, I know he was trying to make me grow up but then all I wanted to do was have a good time and get away from him. Long story short, I joined the U. S. Navy. I.

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