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This shouldn't be the start of a sex story. Nudity is natural, and not necessarily sexual. I shouldn't be getting horny seeing all those naked bodie....But tell that to my lizard brain. Deep down, I was getting excited, even with the near total lack of women in the crowd.Also, tell that to the other guys there. As I walked through a more crowded, very all-male section of beach, I noticed pairs of men coming and going from the woods behind the beach.As I passed through this section, up ahead I. .. I loved this.Her pert nose bobbed up and down, pleasuring me.I lifted up and allowed her to breath. "Okay, now kick your bottoms off." When she didn't obey quickly enough, I sat back down on her face.Soon she was squirming on the dirty tile floor, as she attempted to wiggle out of her bikini bottoms. She put on at least as good a show as I did earlier. I looked down and could see the cause of her hesitance. She was wet and aroused. Her tiny pink pearl peaked out from between her moist. It was large enough and bright enough that one could clearly read it from across the room. It was there for ever more, for the rest of my life. For a moment fear and a flood of possible bad consequences flooded my mind, but I quickly covered up with the folds of my robe and all the bad thoughts were gone, only erotic thoughts prevail. I belonged to the kinkiest, perverted, pimp and I had willingly agreed to his placing this very possessive symbol on me permanently. This was so weird, so erotic. .." Wait, Julie! Listen to me, all of you! I'm going to talk, and you'll listen, for a while. Then we'll all have a chance, to have our say. There's some background you need, to help in this. None of you has been upstairs yet, so you don't know. I stripped beds, and towels from the bathrooms, to wash them, and saw the stains. That gives me a pretty good idea, of what went on here, this week-end."The kids looked from one, to another, with apprehension on their faces."I'm not angry, and I'm not.

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