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Uh-I guess Will told me how”, Pierce said, climbing up on the bed to lie next to Haley.“That was great”, she said, kissing him on the lips.Smili...g, Pierce kissed her back, “Um...Haley?”“Yeah?”“Could you-uh-do me next?” He asked, blushing as he pointed down at the apparent bulge in his sweat-pants.Haley kissed him on the lips and reached down and into his pants, grasping his dick and stroking it, pulling his uncut foreskin back and forth over his dick-head, his precum acting like a natural. When he returned they had their notes out. He looked them over and a smile came over his face. "Excellent. I need to speak with you separately . . . so Rachel, here is a clipboard and I want you to go back into the storeroom and begin counting all of the items on this check list, starting with the beakers and flasks. One more thing I forgot to ask . . . what was it like not wearing your panties and bra today?" "It was weird and it made me feel kinda kinky and naughty," she admitted. "Kinky is. I don't understand it." Don't fight yourself. Look at your feelings. If you don't understandthen say how you feel." I'm trying. It was like there was something wrong with what I waswearing but I don't know what." Okay," reassured Rachel. "Now look to the other side of the aisle. Whowas at the same level as you on the outside?" That was Anna." You do have a good memory. Now can you remember what she was wearing?" She had on a green outfit that looked almost Chinese. At first I thoughtit was a. However, I haven’t seen or heard them fuck since that night I spotted them in her bedroom. I was becoming impatient. I came up with this plan that might allow for me to see them fuck again. I would tell her (my mom) that I was leaving for the rest of the day and night to stay over a friend’s house in Scranton. Before I left, I would leave the back door unlocked. Once I left, I would drive around or go somewhere and wait for mom to invite Ryan over. Once he came over and they were fucking, I.

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